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Posted on Jan 27th, 2010

After what some might consider a long and tedious year here at self funding and managing by things on my own while life seemed to be happening all around me. I have some great news to announce. Gregory Montgomery has decided to join the team as National Spokesperson. He is just as excited to be joining the team as I am to have him on board. Stay tuned for some great things to come and thank you all for your continued support of our mission here at everyminute.

"Former All-Pro Punter, Gregory Montgomery who played nine seasons in the NFL for the Oilers, Lions and Ravens has continued his search for a better understanding of human performance under pressure. Athletes at all levels deal with some degree of performance anxiety and fears of failure and perhaps even how to handle success. There are many forms of internal interference or mental chatter that disrupt performance. These behavioral phenomena are universal. They carry many different names (and possibly resultant stigmata) . We call them the "butterflies", "jitters", or worse, "yips". Greg's career was spent searching for the roots of these phenomena. His experience in the NFL, his subsequent research and study of mental activity in elite athletes has informed the work he now does. Learning from the legendary players, observing other players and being in the locker rooms resulted in Greg's excellent career record of being in the top 3 of NFL in gross punting average 5 of his first 7 years and leading the NFL three times, all with two undiagnosed injuries: a broken L4 vertebrae and a torn labrum in his left (plant) hip. Greg's very successful career might have been a Hall of Fame career had the scientific knowledge and insights of 2009 been available to him. Nevertheless, his constant search for a better understanding of the interior life of athletes has brought him to the point where he is able to help coaches understand the battles that players have inside their heads, and to help players with the struggle to win the battle within themselves." - Dr Fran Pirozzolo

Thanks again and keep up the good work,
Michael Corbin


Great news!!

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