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Posted on Feb 6th, 2011

In early August 2010, I suffered an injury while working on the Opryland Hotel reconstruction project. Since then, I have been having several issues including MRSA, C-Diff and a yet to be determined diagnosis. The results of this injury have been several hospitalizations and continual testing. Doctor visits and lifestyle changes while trying to figure out away to keep my symptoms of anxiety and pain management at an acceptable level have continued to plague me during this process. The next step will be adjusting some of my psych meds that have been so successful keeping that aspect of my life steady for the last 5 plus years. Getting my psych meds right was an eight year journey in and of itself, I can’t say that I’m real excited about the prospect of adjusting them now.

However, I do have some exciting news to add about the future and direction of the everyminute campaign. After some discussion with my National Spokesperson NFL All Pro Gregory Montgomery who has continued to stand by me during this whole process. He has stepped up and agreed to assist in moving this campaign forward into the next phase of development. Greg was named one of the Top Six Celebrity Mental Health Advocates on Psych Central and has been in dialogue with Bring Change 2 Mind, The National Alliance on Mental Illness and Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. This along with his own advocacy efforts to educate the public about the effects and misconceptions of mental illness make Greg's focus on mental wellness is a powerful message. everyminute will also be expanding its outreach into other neurological disorders. Continued research has shown the intertwined relationship of multiple other illness. These are very exciting discoveries which have created information sharing among the industry, thus reducing redundant projects while moving forward in our understanding of how to minimize the effects of specific anomalies. This also opens doors for specific and individual treatment planning. All of this is so important to our overall mission. According to the Milken Institute the prevalence and costs of mental illness are rising and will continue to do so at an astonishing pace.

I look forward to working with Greg and his open approach. This is a concept that I have had in mind, but lacked the ability to pursue with my limited time and resources.

His message can and will really resonate with such a broad demographic. I can’t wait to see the progress we will make even during my down time which will allow me to focus on my own health.
Thank you for your passion and support through this tumultuous period. Working together, we can all make a difference.

Michael Corbin

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