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Oct 29

Story of near-suicide can help others seek help

In February, I left work on my lunch hour, drove home, gathered up two bottles of strong medication, left my husband a note, drove not very far from my home, and took all the pills with the intention of ending my life. I was a 59-year-old, white-collar worker that was straight... read more | 3 comments »

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Sep 17

Native American population getting much needed recognition

One thing that is rarely talked about in mental health, or even mentioned in National Health Statistics, are the mental health disparities and suicide rates in the Native American community. The Federal government’s health program for Native people, Indian Health Services, re... read more »

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Jul 20

I have a close friend who almost died.

I had this sent to me and I just had to share it with you. It was written by a passionate man named Larry Drain. He has his own blog Hopeworks Community Check him out... I have some great news I will be posting soon s... read more »

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Jun 9

Veterans Suffer from PTSD

In recent weeks we've been plagued by soldier homicide and suicide stories in the media. First, was the horrific case of Army Sgt. John M. Russell, who slaughtered 5 of his fellow comrades at an army based counseling center. Then, not even a week later, we were told of the suicid... read more »

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May 27

Mental Illness Falls by the Wayside

I humbly apologize about the lack of updates lately. I've have been working diligently to keep things updated, but there has been a lot of "life" happening on the home front lately. One of our members Anne Hargrove has written an excellent article that was recently published in... read more »

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