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Oct 22

NAMI Urges President Obama to Support Increases for NIH & NIMH


NAMI Calls for Increase in NIH Funding Statement of Michael J. Fitzpatrick NAMI Executive Director NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is pleased to join other disease advocacy organizations in support of the "Research Means Hope" movement to ensure that the president... read more »

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Oct 20

Mental health care deserves a prominent role in the national debate

Nashville and the rest of the nation heard from Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama about many topics during the recent presidential debate here, but one critical subject was missing: America's mental health. One in four Americans experience mental health problems in any given ... read more »

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Apr 20

What Research Will Mean to Veterans

What will research mean to veterans? I feel that any research will be absolutely invaluable to establishing an empirical data base that will allow pre-deployment measurement for comparison with post deployment mental health status of veterans and the treatment of veterans' mental... read more »

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