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Jan 27

Jed Foundation Scholarship

I have talked with the Jed Foundation and they have a great opportunity right now that is not getting enough response. We all know way too many people out there that deserve this kind of award and it would be a shame not to get the word out there. The deadline is getting short... read more | 1 comment »

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Jan 19 update

To our faithful members, This has been a trying year so far. Our loyal backer had troubling time with the stock market crash to the point of no longer being able to support our daily functions. I have taken this to heart and at no time has it crossed my mind to discontinue our e... read more »

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Dec 12

Paving the Way for our Children's Mental Health

I want to thank you all for your help in making this campaign a success. Through the time I have spent in mental health advocacy I have worked with many wonderful individuals. Each has their own story of survival whether it be a struggle with their own, a family member's or just ... read more | 1 comment »

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Nov 11

Breaking Mental Illness's Code


Imagine mental illness, 2040. An eleven year old boy has a family history of bipolar disorder. A doctor's visit offers technology that determines the risk of developing a mental illness. The physician conducts a memory task together with brain imaging and a genetics test. The... read more | 2 comments »

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Oct 29

One of the Lucky Ones

I have had the honor of meeting Michele through the NAMI Signature program, In Our Own Voice that I help train. She has personal insight about recovery and what it takes to get there. I would love the opp... read more »

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