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Apr 20

What Research Will Mean to Veterans

What will research mean to veterans? I feel that any research will be absolutely invaluable to establishing an empirical data base that will allow pre-deployment measurement for comparison with post deployment mental health status of veterans and the treatment of veterans' mental... read more »

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Apr 17

A Sad Day

This was a sad day. A sad day indeed. Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy. As a person living with mental illness, I feel sad for everyone touched by this event. Sad is not a strong enough word. I feel ill – ill in heart, ill in soul, ill at eas... read more »

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Mar 25

Bringing Hope Within Our Grasp

Who of us understands what it means to need something that is beyond our grasp? Suffering from a mental illness can leave a person unable to meet their basic daily needs, let alone face the daunting challenge of combating the stigma of mental illness. Equally important, pressur... read more »

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Mar 9


There has been a lot of questions about our mission here at everyminute so I guess we need to be a little more clear. We all struggle on a regular if not daily basis with our health, mental or physical, some more than others. This website is meant to bring together all of us that... read more »

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Mar 5

A Voice for Mental Health

I have a mental illness. Actually one out of every four Americans over 18 will suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.(1) My seasonal affective disorder is a mental... read more | 1 comment »

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