Mar 11

NIH funding freeze chills research careers, too

In her laboratory, Anne Giersch has a freezer filled with the inner ears. Locked inside that freezer could be important information about the genetics behind hearing loss. But locked is the key word. Giersch, an assistant professor at Harvard University, has twice been denied the funding to probe fu… read more »

Mar 11

US stands to lose a generation of young researchers

(Washington, D.C.) — Five consecutive years of flat funding the budget of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is deterring promising young researchers and threatening the future of Americans’ health, a group of seven preeminent academic research institutions warned today.… read more »

Mar 8

Top Drugs' Strange Side Effects

In Pictures: Drugs' Strangest Side Effects Also In Lifestyle Best SUVs 2007 World's Most Expensive Homes 2007 How To Avoid A Heart Attack Chic Boutique Hotels Men's Guide To Power Dressing By This Author Allison Van Dusen Adventure Lovers' Essential Outdoor Gear In Pictures: Adventure… read more »

Mar 7

Support or Stigma? Bipolar in the Workplace

During a meeting at work -- especially a long meeting -- it can be tempting to play the psychiatrist. Look around the room and think to yourself, "My boss must be obsessive-compulsive." "Our receptionist has ADHD." (AP Posted 03/03/2008)… read more »

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