Jan 31

Soldier Suicides at Record Level

Lt. Elizabeth Whiteside, a psychiatric outpatient at Walter Reed Army Medical Center who was waiting for the Army to decide whether to court-martial her for endangering another soldier and turning a gun on herself last year in Iraq, attempted to kill herself Monday evening.… read more »

Jan 17

VU's genetic research identifies best drugs to treat schizophrenia

Doctors assured the Charlotte man that medications would make the people who were trying to kill him for his body parts go away. But the first drug Bryce Arola tried to treat his schizophrenia didn't end his delusions. Instead, Arola said, it just made him feel like someone had cut off the top of his… read more »

Nov 28

Ranking America's Mental Health: An Analysis of Depression Across the States

Depression is a chronic illness that exacts a significant toll on America's health and productivity. It affects more than 21 million American children and adults annually and is the leading cause of disability in the United States for individuals ages 15 to 44. Lost productive time among U.S. workers… read more »

Nov 26

New Databases Put Wings on Search for Bipolar Risk Genes

A novel, free, public online database opening recently should greatly speed efforts to find genes linked to increased risk of bipolar disorder. The Bipolar Disorder Phenome Database — a joint project of Johns Hopkins Psychiatry and the National Institute of Mental Health — is the first of its kind… read more »

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