Nov 26

Brain scans 'may detect OCD risk'

Brain scans may be able to reveal which people are at genetic risk of developing obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), researchers say. Individuals with OCD and their close relatives have distinctive patterns in their brain structure, a team at Cambridge University found. The genes responsible remain… read more »

Sep 19

Drops in SSRI prescription rates may coincide with increases in youth suicides

A 2004 spike in suicide rates may have coincided with a drop in antidepressant prescriptions for youth, following warnings from U.S and European regulatory agencies that the medications might trigger suicidal thoughts. NIMH grantees Robert Gibbons, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago… read more »


Study Finds Rates Of Depression Vary By Occupational Industry, Gender

Today Gordian Health Solutions, Inc., a leading national personal health coaching company, released the results of a study showing that employees in different occupational industries report varying levels of depressive symptoms… read more »

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