Nov 25

Study Aids Understanding of Depression Treatment

A new study identifies a small area of the brain that appears to be important for decision-making and depression treatment. University of British Columbia researchers believe the lateral habenula, a region of the brain linked to depression and avoidance behaviors, has been largely misunderstood and…… read more »

Nov 20

Women Prefer Cognitive Therapy for Prenatal Depression

Depression during pregnancy is an onerous predicament as women are often conflicted in deciding whether and how to treat their depression. Care for depression is recommended and new research discovers women strongly prefer treatments other than antidepressant medications for their disorder.… read more »

Oct 14

Bears Fan Reacts to Brandon Marshall’s Green Cleats, Character, and Fortitude

I grew up in a rural town south of Chicago, and I have been a Bears fan my entire life, and as we Bears fans know, there’s a certain dominant, smash-mouth style of play we expect on the field and in fashion. This week wide receiver Brandon Marshall took a tough stance in a different fashion than most…… read more »

Jan 23

Soldiers, former NFL players discuss life after violence

Former professional football players met "real warriors" Jan. 12, and discovered they had a lot in common. With a central theme of psychological health and wellness, more than 100 Joint Base Lewis McChord, or JBLM, Soldiers, Airmen and their families sat around tables in front of a big screen at Nelson…… read more »

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