Apr 4

VA sees shortfall of mental health specialists

As thousands of additional veterans seek mental health care every month, the Department of Veterans Affairs is short of psychiatrists, with 20% vacancy rates in much of the country served by VA hospitals, according to department data.… read more »

Mar 14

Mental health, pushed to extreme

The effect of combat stress on the American military‚Äôs mental health has been gruesomely illustrated once again. Last Sunday, a rogue army staff sergeant ,stationed in Afghanistan, left the relative safety of his post, and walked house to house in a nearby village, shot and killed 16 Afghan civil…… read more »

Feb 21

Suicide Rates Highest In 15 Years, US

Between 2008 and 2009, the suicide rate in the United States rose by 2.4%, with a reported 36,909 suicide deaths, according to a report by the CDC. In 2008, 13.4% of individuals who committed suicide experienced job and financial problems, a report by the CDC revealed in August 2011. Furthermore, the…… read more »

Feb 17

Alabama coach Nick Saban awarded for his efforts in youth suicide prevention

Alabama coach Nick Saban has been awarded the Grant Teaff "Breaking the Silence" Award, the school announced Tuesday. The award recognizes Saban for his efforts in youth suicide prevention. According to a press release, Saban exceeded expectations as a National Awareness Ambassador. He has talked at…… read more »

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