How to Partner with

Our mission is to unite mental health organizations into a single coalition to create a public forum advancing the need and benefit of increased mental health research. To achieve this end we are actively seeking out and pursuing symbiotic partnerships with every mental health organization in the nation that agrees with the Mental Health Commission's recommendation to "accelerate research to promote recovery and resilience ultimately to cure and prevent mental illnesses."

We seek to join the voices of all types of advocacy groups, regardless of their individual focus. While each unique organization has a different was of reaching their constituencies, they all have some interest in mental health research and recovery. It is at this point in which we all can intersect and have a united voice. Partnerships with will unify our segmented mental health care voices into a strong lobbying force.

Strong coalitions are a driving force in almost all of the successful nationwide consumer health advocacy initiatives.  The coalition structure makes it possible to coordinate the advocacy capacities of various members in the service of a common goal. The most effective coalitions are marked by strong personal and organizational relationships and connections that have been built and strengthened through past collaborative work. These organizations and their leaders maintain communications and information sharing even in the absence of ongoing collaborative campaigns. They utilize specific issue campaigns to strengthen their constituent base and capacity to affect the outcomes of other policy decisions. They bring together a broad range of advocacy organizations and stakeholders that have different capacities, missions, constituencies, and strategies to work collaboratively toward a common goal.

For purposes of our website, the term "partnering" means a non-financial show of support between organizations that do not intend to compete for membership and intend to continue on their separate paths of service to that membership. Yet on the specific topic of mental health research, recovery and necessary advocacy toward these ends, these organizations as "partners" agree to stand together.

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