Get Educated on Policy and Advocate has an interactive toolset lets you and your supporters find out which issues are important to you, learn where each Presidential candidate stands on them, and decide who best represents your interests.   You can also submit questions for the candidates - questions which may be chosen by Tom Brokaw to present at the Town Hall debate on October 7th!

Visit MySpace MyDebates is part of a broad effort by the Kaiser Family Foundation to provide a central hub for resources and information about health policy issues in the 2008 election.

Your Candidates-Your Health: Presidential Primaries 2008 is an initiative of Research!America committed to research to improve health. All 2008 candidates for president have been invited to let voters know where they stand on health and research.

Enter in your zipcode below to find out your local representation and current mental health issues being discussed. This link will take you to NAMI's advocacy page.

Use the following legislative alerts culled from various advocacy organizations to advocate for national mental health legislation. These alerts get updated frequently, so check back often.